EvPorsche is a tuner based in Florida, USA. They can convert your 911 into a fully-electric car with over 1,200 lb-ft (1,625Nm) of torque.

A Florida based company is offering a solution to enviro-conscious buyers who need to keep their image intact. EvPorsche says they can convert existing Porsches to run on battery-powered electric motors. For example, they converted a 962 to produce over 2,600 lb-ft (3,500 Nm) of torque!

For US $48,000 EvPorsche offers a 911 conversion that will make approximately 1,200 lb-ft (1,625 Nm) of torque, dash from 0 - 60 mph in under 5 seconds, but give a limited top speed of 125 mph (201 km/h). Although the maximum speed looks quite paltry for a Porsche 911 and the driving range is only 50 miles, the upside is quick launches from standstill while being totally emissions free thanks to the awesome torque and low running costs.

EvPorsche prides itself in being a complete Porsche tuner, to the point that they can even put a 959 body onto a 911, giving owners that extra special look, albeit fake, of a legend for the price of a 911. Other brands that can be converted include Rolls Royce, BMW, Lamborghini and Jaguar.