Tuning experts Hamann are to transfer their engineering know-how on to the Bentley GT Speed, the fastest production Bentley ever, pictured. Expect lots of roaring horses.

Hamann, the developer / tuner, is foraging in territories previously unknown to it. Famous for enhancing performance machines from the likes of BMW, Porsche and Lamborghini, Hamann has on the odd occasion, branched off into Mercedes McLaren and Aston Martin.

Soon Bentley will join this list of Hamann-tuned cars with a Continental GT Speed. The GT Speed isn't exactly short on spark, having been bombarded with a 600hp / 447kW Volkswagen Group W12 engine at factory level in Crew, England. No doubt Hamann has the know-how; the McLaren SLR they tuned went from similar levels of go as the GT Speed to 700hp, so that number is the least that can be expected.

Billed as the fastest Bentley ever to be built for public usage, the GT Speed already weighs as little as any car of its nature can, so it is clear that Hamann will had their work cut out increasing power, adding much sportier body kit and reducing weight at the same time.


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