A cool concept three-wheeler from New Zealand that addresses the needs of both bikers and car enthusiasts has been designed by Alex Hodge.

New Zealand is not exactly a hotspot for concept vehicles, yet we are now receiving pictures of this pretty three-wheeler / tricyle from down kiwi land. Combining the compactness of a motorbike and some of the practicality of a car, the Hodge Hawk addresses some current as well as future human mobility needs.

Designed by Alex Hodge it is powered by a Honda RC51 V-twin 999cc motor that revs up to a dizzy 10,000rpm for a 120ps shot at the 19-inch front wheel. Hodge claims a 233km/h peak velocity on the three-wheeler.

Light materials are prominent in use as seen with generous use of carbon fibre and plastic coating. The concept bike looks very much like a car up front, complete with headlights and a windscreen stretching to the rear panorama-style. Parking space is not going to be much of an issue with the Hawk, although it may not exactly fit into the same spaces as a regular motor bike. At the same time some car-like usefulness like complete shelter from the elements will be welcome if it ever makes the production cut.


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