Get a mani-pedi while your car is being serviced.

Located in Philadelphia, the “Girls Auto Clinic” employs a total of five female mechanics capable of handling routine maintenance services and doing various car repairs. Not only that, but it is also the place where women can come to learn the ins and outs of a car by attending educational workshops to become what it’s being described as “SheCanics.” The facility also doubles as a beauty salon dubbed “So Clutch Beauty Bar” offering a multitude of spa services, including manicures and pedicures while your car is being serviced.

Fed up with how mechanics were taking advantage of her every time she had to service her car, Patrice Banks decided to take the necessary courses and become a certified mechanic herself. Then she had the idea to start her repair shop and provide free workshops as a way to “educate and empower women through their cars.” These monthly workshops are interactive and women are able to learn on their very own cars how to fix common problems.

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Prior to starting the business, Banks worked for more than 12 years at DuPont as an engineer and then as a manager. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Materials Engineering from Lehigh University and an Automotive Technology Diploma from Delaware Technical Community College. In addition, she also wrote a book called “The Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide” providing information about the innards of a car.

In the future, Banks hopes she will be able to open a brick and mortar shop and also establish a full service auto repair shop for women. To reach her bold objective, she initiated a crowd funding campaign hoping to raise around $50,000 to make her dream come true, but only managed to raise just under $3,000.

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