New customized Nike Air Max Lights perfectly match the color scheme of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Porsche GT3 RS fans may be interested in trying to get a pair of these limited edition Nike Air Max Light GT3 RS shoes.  Designed by German retailer Purchaze and shoe customizers Leyp, the shoes were made as a gift to staff of the Porsche Store in Groningen, The Netherlands.

The idea came about when Purchaze opened a retail shop in the northern Dutch city, about 30 miles from the German border.  As part of a promotion, Purchaze staffers were driving around in a Porsche Cayman S.  The Porsche staff supporting the promotion were given the gifts.

Colors of the shoe will match the only available colors of the car: silver, black, green, and orange.  A Porsche logo is stitched into the tongue.

If there are enough calls to Purchaze, Leyp, and Porsche, we would expect to see these shoes hit a wider market.  Who knows... maybe they'll even make a similar pair of driving shoes.

Nike Launch Porsche GT3 RS Inspired Air Max Lights