Taste the rainbow.

BMW Abu Dhabi Motors certainly knows how to do business as it frequently manages to get its hands on some interesting models painted in extraordinary colors and fitted with a lot of kit to grab the attention. Case in point, they took a sextuplet of i8s and slapped on the following coats: Lava Red, Austin Yellow, Lava Green, Twilight Purple, Lava Orange, and Lava Yellow.

Not only that, but all six plug-in hybrid sports cars received an assortment of carbon fiber parts - including a rear wing - developed by AC Schnitzer to make them stand out even more. According to the dealer’s general manager, Arno Husselmann:

"Abu Dhabi is a knowledgeable market where taste and demands are advanced. We understand the passions and expectations of our customers – they want to make a strong statement with their car and stand out from the crowd. We therefore place extra importance on staying ahead of trends and creating new ideas for models, materials and color options.”

Colorful BMW i8s at Yas Marina Circuit
Colorful BMW i8s at Yas Marina Circuit

Launched in mid-2014, the i8 is available exclusively as a coupe right now, but a roadster version has been confirmed for a 2018 launch. BMW has sold so far a little over 10,000 units of the spaceship-like i8, which during this interval has received several special iterations, like the Protonic Red Edition and the more recent Protonic Dark Silver Edition showcased in Paris last month. The latter even has its own matching e-bike available for a cool €3,500.

As a final note, Leicester City’s players wouldn’t have had any problems identifying their shiny new (and gifted) i8s if the cars came in multiple liveries like the ones posing here at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.

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Source: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors

Gallery: Colorful BMW i8s at Yas Marina Circuit

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