WCF Reader's Comments Cleanup

WCF is turning over a new leaf going into 2009 with the promise of cleaning up the reader's comments section. We have put together a new set of rules/guidelines and begin enforcing them immediately.

As with most blog comment systems, we realize there is no edit function. We do plan to add this, amongst others, but it is a large project so don't expect it any time soon. In the meantime we strongly recommend that you take a few seconds to carefully read over your comment before clicking the "add comment" button.

Here are guidelines that we lovingly poached from our friends at Jalopnik.com. They will be enforced with great enthusiasm:

Make your comments:

  1. Meaningful - make your comment interesting. Stay on topic and avoid replies like "I agree" or "That car sucks". Nobody wants to read unsupported generalizations, complaining or criticism.
  2. Respectful - show some dignity and avoid personal attacks or name calling.
  3. Clear - make sure your comment is coherent and understandable. If English is a second language make sure you are very fluent. If not, you will be banned.

Grounds for immediate banishment:

  1. personal attacks (name calling)
  2. racism
  3. profanity
  4. sexually explicit language
  5. caps lock on (indicates yelling)
  6. SMS text typing or excessive abbreviations
  7. excessively bad grammar and spelling
  8. blind fanaticism or devotion to brands
  9. off-topic or irrelevant
  10. trolling - someone who posts controversial, inflammatory messages with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt the discussion.

Lastly, for those who are on board with us for a more enjoyable and productive community, we encourage you to use the "Report Abuse" button located in every comment. Although, all topics will be regularly monitored, we can't see everything all the time. So please feel free to report any comments which break the guidelines mentioned above by using the "Report Abuse" button.



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