Autotelegraaf claims the Honda / Acura NSX is not dead, as was reported earlier. It seems the Honda CEO disagrees with the paper.

Autotelegraaf is reporting that Honda will be bringing the near-production NSX concept to Detroit in 2009. Apparently, their reporters did not do a great deal of fact checking.

On Honda's British web site, a summary of CEO Takeo Fukui's end of the year speech is available. Under the "R&D" section, the wrap-up clearly states, "The development of the NSX successor model equipped with V10 engine will be cancelled."

In his speech, Fukui indicated that the current state of the economy has forced the company to take a fresh look at their priorities. Since Honda will substantially allocate resources for energy efficiency and green technology, a 600 horsepower supercar may no longer fit into their plans.

Perhaps they will introduce the Honda / Acura NSX with a different engine. However, that could conflict with CEO Fukui's vision of a car that is better and faster than the Nissan GT-R.

The full press release from Honda is below. Mention of the NSX is at the top of page 2.

Autotelegraaf reporters believe the Japanese manufacturer may debut a Honda or Acura NSX production model at the end of 2009 during the Tokyo Motor Show. Sadly, this looks like wishful thinking.

We can't blame Autotelegraaf for dreaming. We hope Honda revives the NSX, too.

[UPDATE - Translation Correction] AutoTelegraaf wrote that Honda decided to cancel the NSX at the last moment. They were already working on a concept for the Detroit Motor Show 2009. The production version was planned for october 2009.