It also doesn't help that SUVs are selling like hot cakes nowadays...

The BBC has conducted an analysis concerning the number of collisions occurring in U.K.’s car parks and it seems crashes have gone up in the last two years by a whopping 35 percent. It doesn’t come as a huge surprise taking into account a study coming from the Automobile Association mentions 90 percent of its members consider parking spaces are simply too small in comparison to today’s cars, which are considerably bigger than they were a few decades ago.

Case in point, the latest Mini is 24 percent wider than the original model introduced in 1959, while the Honda Civic is 18 percent wider than the first generation launched back in 1973. The ever so popular Volkswagen Golf is now in its seventh generation, one that’s almost 12 percent wider than the Mk I from 1974. It’s the same story with U.K.’s current best-selling model, the Ford Fiesta, which is 10 percent wider than the original 1976 model. The new generation due to be unveiled next Tuesday is also showing signs of growth, much like the all-new VW Polo.

Ford Fiesta

The fact that cars are getting bigger and bigger with each new generation is only part of the story, as the typical car buying habits have changed in recent years and more and more people are now going with SUVs. As a matter of fact, the most popular body style last year in U.K. was the SUV last year, accounting for 24 percent of all sales. With SUVs being larger, it’s no wonder more and more crashes are occurring in U.K.’s parking spaces, which have remained roughly the same size over the last six decades. Another contributing factor is the fact that sales of cars have exploded in recent years, making it harder for drivers to find an available parking spot.

One proposal to try and partially solve the problem comes from by introducing what they describe as being the “SizeMark” badge. According to the site’s managing director, Harrison Woods:

“All car parks that meet this minimum size are awarded an instantly recognizable SizeMark badge to help drivers avoid the stress of trying to park their vehicle in unsuitable spaces and minimize the damage to their cherished cars.”

To avoid the hassle of trying to find a vacant spot, more and more drivers in U.K. are renting parking spaces online, with some of them requesting driveways instead of car parks because of the vehicle’s large size. But with the roads being suffocated by more and more vehicles, that is not really a solution in the long term.

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