Car-loving kids today have a ton of great options for awesome toys, and if they want to get around in style Ford and Fisher-Price are launching a Power Wheels Mustang that packs some serious tech. The blue or pink ride-on roadsters feature systems lacking on some full-size vehicles from just a few years ago, like traction control and a stability monitor.

The Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang takes styling inspiration from the latest V8 trim. In addition to looking the part, the ride-ons make the sounds of the actual engine, and the volume rises and falls with the vehicle’s speed. There’s even an auxiliary input for kids to plug in their own music for enjoying their favorite songs on the road – or at least the backyard.

Ford Mustang Power Wheels

Smart Drive is Power Wheels brand name for its first computer-controlled powertrain. Sensors monitor for wheel spin for assistance when driving over slippery services. Another watches the vehicle's tilt and shuts off the electric motors when there could be a rollover. Rather than being only on or off, the motors gradually build speed and decelerate. According to Fisher Price, this allows for "fast starts and short stopping distances."

A digital speed control should keep parents happy because an LED touchscreen lets them set the maximum speed between one and five miles per hour (1.6 to 8 kilometers per hour). There’s also a display for the battery sound system.

It doesn’t look like the extra tech makes the new Power Wheels any less rugged than their predecessors. In Ford’s video above, two kids take the ride-on Mustangs around a company building, and the pony cars take some serious punishment, especially in the outtakes. The young drivers are able to ram into pillars and hit each other, but the ‘Stangs keep going.

The Power Wheels Mustang goes on sale in December for $359.99, which means there’s time to get one for a future pony car enthusiast in your life before the holidays. The toy looks like a ton of fun.

Source: Ford

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Ford, Fisher-Price Introduce Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang – Most Advanced Power Wheels Ever

DEARBORN, Mich., Nov. 23, 2016 – Ford and Fisher-Price® worked closely together to create the new Power Wheels® Smart Drive™ Mustang – a realistic and high-tech, fast and fun battery-operated ride-on toy. The officially licensed Smart Drive Mustang is designed to delight budding performance enthusiasts with original pony car-inspired looks and performance, and it’s packed with safety features sure to make parents happy, too.

Fisher-Price developed the scaled-down car, available in blue or pink, from real Ford design data. The result is an amazingly realistic Mustang – sized just for kids – that captures the spirit, style and high-tech features of the V8-powered Mustang GT their parents could drive.

“Mustang is one of our best-selling sports cars,” says Gary Collins, senior manager of design, Power Wheels. “For the Smart Drive Mustang, we wanted to amp up the realistic driving experience to make the feeling of getting behind the wheel even more thrilling for kids.”

The Smart Drive system is new for Power Wheels vehicles. At its core is the brand’s first computer-controlled powertrain, which opens up a world of features that make this Power Wheels Mustang a lot like the full-sized car:

•          Traction control: The computer can monitor for wheel slip and adjust motor speeds to help keep the car going over wet grass or bumpy terrain

•          Stability monitoring: A tilt sensor can detect when the car is reaching dangerous angles, turning off the motors to prevent rollovers

•          Digital speed control and battery monitoring: A backlit LED touch interface can allow parents to easily control top speed, from 1 mph to 5 mph, and check battery charge level

•          Slow start and stop: Instead of a simple on/off behavior, motors can now ramp speed up or down – for fast starts and short stopping distances

Perhaps most fun of all is the built-in sound system. It features engine sounds recorded from a real Mustang, which rise and fall with vehicle speed – just like a real car. An auxiliary input jack allows kids to play their own music on the biggest speaker ever installed in a Fisher-Price product.

Smart Drive Mustang is now on display at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. It will be available at retail in December for an MSRP of $359.99. Visit to find a retailer.

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