It's also the new EV record holder at Paul Ricard track.

NextEV is providing a glimpse of the Nio EP9’s astounding Nürburgring performance established on October 12 when the all-electric supercar with its 165-kg carbon fiber chassis lapped the demanding 20.8-km Green Hell in only 7 minutes and 05.12 seconds. Not only is it the quickest EV on the Nordschleife, but at the same time it has also managed to beat some impressive names, such as the Nissan GT-R Nismo (7:08.69) and even a car that has Nürburgring in its name, the Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition (7:14).

Much like the Koenigsegg One:1, the Nio EP9 has 1 MW (1,341 hp) of power, but while the One:1 uses a combustion engine, NextEV’s supercar has four electric motors generating an astonishing torque of 4,671 pound-feet (6,334 Newton-meters) channeled to the wheels through four individual gearboxes. It needs only 2.7 seconds to get from 0 to 62 mph (100 kph) and will cover the 0-124 mph (0-200 kph) run in a mere 7.1 seconds before maxing out at an impressive 195 mph (313 kph).

Nio EP9
Nio EP9

When it’s doing 149 mph (240 kph), the EV generates a whopping 17,701 lb-ft (24,000 Nm) of torque of downforce, which according to NextEV is twice the amount of a Formula 1 car. In order to match the immense electric power, the vehicle has been equipped with bespoke brakes created with help from Alcon to achieve double the brake torque capability of a GT3 race car.

The beefy brakes are hiding behind specially-designed wheels with carbon inlays available in 19- and 21-inch sizes. In order to maintain a consistent ride height even when it’s at high speeds, the Nio EP9 has been engineered with four-way adjustable dampers as well as with a hydraulic actuator.

Aside from boasting some jaw-dropping performance and technical specs, the Nio EP9 also impresses with its maximum range of 265 miles (427 km) and the fact that it will take only 45 minutes to fully recharge the battery pack. Interestingly, NextEV says the battery is interchangeable and it will take only eight minutes to make the switch.

NextEV is also happy to report the Nio EP9 is now the quickest electric car around the Paul Ricard track in France after setting a new lap record of 1 minute and 52.78 seconds on November 4.

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