The German automaker isn’t holding back in its push for electric mobility.

The electric onslaught is coming, whether you like it or not. Jaguar Land Rover hopes to have half of its lineup running on battery power by 2020, and by 2025, VW is expecting to have more than a million electric vehicles on the road. That’s according to a new statement by the German automaker.

According to the company, the transformation from gas to electric will happen in a number of stages. The first will come as a total restructuring; transforming its core business by 2020, evolving “from a niche supplier” into a successful mainstream car maker in North America. That means VW will expand from two SUVs and crossovers in the lineup to as many as 19, and could even include the addition of a new global pickup.

Just five years later, VW “intends to take the lead in e-mobility,” having as many as one million electric vehicles sold per year. Cars like the e-Golf (pictured) and an electric SUV will spearhead the movement, including the possibility of a new battery plantThat’s part two of the global master plan. The two strategies combined will, hypothetically, triple the automaker’s profit margin to six percent by the year 2030.

Unfortunately, part of this strategy involves a cut of as many as 30,000 jobs worldwide and a slash in €3.7 billion ($3.9 billion) worth of expenses. The EV transition will come at a cost of €2.5 billion ($2.7 billion), which will see some of the company’s underperforming models disappear, with the annual investment budget expected to stay at a consistent €4.5 billion ($4.8 billion).

“Over the next few years, Volkswagen will change radically. Very few things will stay as they are,” VW brand chief Herbert Diess said in a statement. “The electric car will become the strategic core of the VW brand.”

Source: Volkswagen

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