We recently reported that the tiny, 309 horsepower (230 kilowatt) BAC Mono 2.5 had blown away the mighty, 1000 hp (735 kW) McLaren P1 GTR to head evo magazine’s fast lap leaderboard. The video evidence has now been released, and you can watch it above (skip through to the eight minute mark to see the lap itself).

With journalist and racer Richard Meaden behind the wheel, the Mono lapped evo’s preferred Anglesey Coastal Circuit test track in 1:07.7, a full second quicker than the P1 GTR. On road-legal Kumho tires, at that.

The latest version of the single-seater Mono is powered by a Ford-based, Mountune-built, 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine that drives the rear wheels through a Formula 3-spec, six-speed paddle-shift gearbox. Thanks to the use of high-tech, lightweight materials like graphene, it tips the scales at a mere 1,279 pounds (580 kilograms).

BAC quotes a 0 to 60 miles per hour time of 2.8 seconds, and a top speed of 170 mph (274 kilometers per hour).

The 1.55-mile (2.49 kilometers) Coastal layout at Anglesey is a stern test for any car. It’s fast and technical, and ends with a fearsome, downhill corkscrew. You might expect a car as light and powerful as the Mono to be a bit of a handful on such a course but is, in fact, balanced and neutral, just needed a couple of mid-corner adjustments and only oversteering under power.

BAC co-founder Neill Briggs said: “When the record lap was set, it looked incredibly quick - the video reinforces just how fast it was and how great a feat this is. To be at the top of evo’s leaderboard is an honor and we are looking forward to attacking and conquering other production car records around the world in 2017.”

The Mono also hold the production car records on the Goodwood hill climb course, and the Top Gear test track.

Club racer Sylvester Mullins holds the outright lap record on the Anglesey Coastal Circuit, with a time of 1:01.741, set in his Judd-engined Gould GR37 open-wheeler.

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