If you happen to fly into Aeroporto di Bologna, Italy in the next couple of months, keep and eye out for the new “Follow Me” car: a bright yellow Lamborghini Huracan.

Located in the heart of Italy’s “motor valley”, Bologna airport is only about half an hour’s drive from Lamborghini’s home in Sant’Agata. And Ferrari’s in Maranello. And Pagani’s in Modena.   

Besides the eye-popping color, the Huracan features a chequered flag design across the front and back, and an outline of the Bologna skyline down the sides. The colors of the Italian flag adorn the center section of the front splitter, too. Lamborghini’s own Centro Stile designed the livery.


Specially-trained drivers will pilot the Huracan to guide planes to and from their gates.


A light bar is the only other addition to the standard spec. It has not been revealed whether the car is the four-wheel-drive or two-wheel-drive model. But given the absolutely appalling weather than can erupt with little warning in that part of Italy, it is probably an LP610-4.


The Huracan is on loan from Lamborghini to the airport until January of next year. It is not the first time Lamborghini has done this. Back in 2013 it loaned an Aventador that served as the Follow Me car for a week.

The Polizia (military police) have famously received a string of Lamborghinis, as well. Between 2004 and 2008, it took delivery of no less than three Gallardos - one of which met a sticky end under a Mercedes - and a Huracan was added to the fleet in 2014. They have mostly been used for high-speed organ transport, but also do routine highway patrols, as well. Because even the most dimwitted driver knows they will never be able to run from a Lamborghini.

Back at Bologna airport, the Huracan's drivers are strong candidates for having the best job in the world. And probably under threat of jail if they race a plane on its takeoff run (it would be worth it).

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