Smaller sports car to slot below 718 Boxster/Cayman also not happening.

There have been a couple of rumors in the past few months about Porsche’s plan to introduce a smaller and more affordable crossover positioned below the Macan. However, that’s not going to happen as the company’s global sales chief Detlev von Platen revealed in Los Angeles during the inauguration of the Porsche Experience Center that a “Majun” (from Macan Junior) is definitely not on the agenda.

He motivated the decision by saying the company he is working for is an “an exclusive sports car manufacturer” and it has “nothing to gain by creating a cheaper Porsche in the future.” “It's not about quantity, it's about quality in what we do,” he added. For the very same reasons, a less expensive model to slot below the 718 Boxster / Cayman is not being considered.

Porsche Majun render

’s global sales boss went on to specify efforts are being made to develop new services for the existing models, like introducing a smart parking feature allowing the car to find an empty spot on its own and then guide the driver towards it. But is that really relevant for a Porsche owner?

Porsche’s lineup is bound to increase even without the addition of a smaller crossover or a sports car as the Stuttgart-based marque is currently putting the finishing touches on a Panamera Sport Turismo wagon (pictured below) due in Geneva next year. More importantly, the company is gearing up to introduce its first pure electric model previewed by the stunning Mission E concept. The zero-emissions sedan will be out before the end of the decade with more than 600+ horsepower (+440 kilowatts) and a range in excess of 300 miles (482 kilometers).

In addition, Porsche North America CEO Klaus Zellmer dropped a hint some months ago about coupe and convertible derivatives of the Panamera, but latest intel suggests these two don't rank high on the to-do list. It probably means the duo will come out after 2020, and only if the models have actually received the stamp of approval from execs.

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Source: Porsche via Automotive News

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