It's no Singer, but still worthy of our attention.

Customizing 911s to give them a classic look and more up-to-date hardware is not exactly a novelty. Some are great at it like Singer, while others not so much. The Porsche specialists at Kaege in Germany are presenting today they’re take on a 993 featuring an assortment of subtle retro-flavored cosmetic revisions as a nod to the 1972 F Series 911.

Simply called “Retro,” the car was actually completely stripped down and all of the body panels have been changed with carbon fiber ones to enable a healthy diet of more than 100 kilograms (220 pounds), allowing the 911 tip the scales at just 1,195 kilograms (2,634 pounds, dry). It’s sitting on Fuchs-styled wheels and has received a set of KW coilovers to give it a more modern feel. Speaking of which, LED technology has been used for the lighting clusters now fitted with slightly modified housings further contributing to the car’s retro theme.

Kaege Porsche 911
Kaege Porsche 911

Moving at the back, its air-cooled 3.6-liter six-cylinder engine pushes out a healthy 300 horsepower (224 kilowatts), which is more than enough to put a big smile on the owner’s face. Not only that, but the overhauled exhaust system is also music to Kaege’s ears.

Kaege Porsche 911
Kaege Porsche 911
Kaege Porsche 911

The interior undoubtedly has that special early 1970s flair, but with a modern twist since it has received Becker navigation and a pair of body-hugging Recaro front seats. The former has a vintage look in order to blend in with the rest of the cabin, which on a personal note would be borderline perfect with a different steering wheel.

Kaege mentions in the short film’s description it is a big fan of Singer’s work and with the “Retro” it wants to show the world the company’s vision of a “perfect Porsche 911.” As you would imagine, the video also demonstrates Kaege’s capabilities of customizing 911s based on a customer’s various requirements.

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Check out the press release area to discover all of the changes the car went through.

Source: Kaege

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Specs (translated):

The Kaege RETRO at a glance.
Made in Germany:
Reproduction F-Model based on air-cooled 993.
300 hp from 3.6 liters displacement.
Weight optimized:
Only 1195kg empty weight due to state-of-the-art carbon components, Liteblox battery
Room for your wishes:
Paint, interior and all extras as requested and arranged
 Interpretation of the classic F-model on the technical basis of a 993
 Authentic en detail
 Only 1195 kilograms of empty weight thanks to state-of-the-art carbon components
 Three-piece modern rims in classic design
 Custom-made exhaust system in retro look
 LED spotlight from our own production in nostalgic housing
 Painting in classic Porsche tones according to customer requirements
 Leather steering wheel
 Classically inspired instrument panel, dashboard and glove compartment
 Ergonomic Recaro sports seat
 Becker radio navigation system in vintage look
 Foldable luggage compartment to match the interior design
 Sunroof and interior design according to customer requirements
Nostalgia in breathtaking perfection.
KAEGE GmbH Im Langgarten 2 67294 Stetten, Germany
T. +49 (0) 6355 3640 F. +49 (0) 6355 3379
E. W.
 300 hp from 3.6 liters displacement
 Air-cooled series technology of the Porsche 993:
 Completely revised and fine-balanced original unit
 Gearbox, brakes, air conditioning and much more in the general overhauled original condition
 Low maintenance due to hydraulic tappet
 OBD-capable
 KW suspension
 Liteblox lithium battery
 LED spotlight from our own production in nostalgic housing
 Airbags
 Recaro sports seats
 Becker radio navigation system in vintage look