Japanese tuner Ings has released a front bumper and spoiler kit for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. The N-Spec Lancer Evo 10 CZ4A looks at a glance like many of the other over-sculpted front ends available from various tuners, but the large intake, curious upper-intake ram air inlet, canards, brake ducts and intercooler shrouds of the Ings bumper appear to have been track-tested. The kit will also include a Z-Power wing when it goes on sale in a few months.

Ings plans to offer the front bumper in fiberglass or a "hybrid aero" urethane-fiberglass blend.

There's not much information about the N-Spec Evo 10 at the Ings website, other than the specifications of the demonstration vehicle (which features brake and suspension modifications in addition to the body kit and Ings Sports 18-inch wheels, if you were curious), and pricing has not yet been released.

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