Honda's hydrogen-fueled sedan arrives in California before the end of the year to challenge the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell. Which one would you pick?

Honda’s fuel-cell-powered 2017 Clarity sedan arrives at dealers in California before the end of the year, and the automaker is now announcing very competitive lease rates and amenities against the other FCEVs already on the market there. Honda is offering its zero-emissions sedan for a $369 a month plus $2,499 due at signing for a 36-month lease. For that price, customers get an allowance of 20,000 miles a year, $15,000 of free H2 fill-ups over the length of the contract, and 21 days of luxury car rentals in California.


Because of the lack of hydrogen infrastructure, the Clarity is only available to customers who live or work near one of Honda’s 12 approved FCEV dealers. There are six locations in Southern California, five in the Bay Area, and one in Sacramento. As the refueling network improves, the company plans to sell the sedan in more areas.

The Clarity looks futuristic with its low-slung design and prominent LEDs at the front. It comes with the full suite of Honda Sensing driver-assistance tech and seating for five inside. The EPA estimates the EV can go 366 miles (589 kilometers) on a full tank of hydrogen and refuel in around five minutes.

2017 Honda Clarity FCV

Honda has been offering fuel-cell vehicles since the FCX in 2002 and FCX Clarity in 2008. However, the company was somewhat late to the party for the latest generation of them like the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell.

The Mirai is likely the Clarity’s nearest competitor, and their specs are quite close. Toyota offers a 36-month lease for it for $349 a month and $2,499 due at signing. Like the Honda, customers also get up to $15,000 of complimentary fuel over the term of the contract, and the company's comes with seven days of free rentals each year. The automaker has eight dealers offering model in the state. An EPA-estimated range of 312 miles means the Mirai can’t quite as far as the Clarity, though.

2017 Toyota Mirai: Review
2016 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell

Alternatively, the Tucson Fuel Cell is also available in California for $499 a month for a 36-month lease and $2,999 due at signing. It also comes with free hydrogen refueling. With 265 miles of range, the crossover can’t go quite as far as the Toyota or Honda. However, Hyundai will add two more FCEVs to the lineup by 2020, and they’ll possibly compare better with the competitors.

Source: Honda

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