You could have several of these authentic replicas for the price of one of Jaguar's revived XKSS roadsters.

The modern Lister Motor Company is carving out a niche for itself by creating painstakingly perfect recreations of the automaker’s classic race cars. After finding success with its Knobbly continuation special, the company is now working on a revival of the more aerodynamic Costin.

The Lister Costin was the company’s successor to the Knobbly on the track and the firm’s last race car of the ‘50s. The name came from aerodynamicist Frank Costin who designed the swoopy body. During the 1959 season, the roadsters competed in the top events of the day including Sebring and Le Mans, and famous drivers like Stirling Moss were at the wheel.

Like with the Knobbly, Lister makes sure the modern Costin is a perfect replica of the original. Power comes custom built Jaguar inline-six with 337 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The classic powerplant gets the cars to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour) four seconds and can take the roadster to 170 miles per hour.

Lister Costin continuation special

The car’s curvaceous body is quite handsome, and Lister is recreating that look precisely by using the original jigs for forming the panels. Some of the original mechanics who are now in there 80s and 90s are also consulting on the project, so you can expect these cars to be just right.

Lister will begin building the Costins in early 2017, but the first customers won’t get them until 2018. Prices will start at 295,000 pounds ($364,000) plus value-added tax for the track version, which will come with an FIA Historic Technical Passport for going competing in vintage racing events. The company will also offer a road-legal version starting at 307,500 pounds ($379,000) plus VAT.

The price for these vintage race car replicas certainly isn’t inexpensive, but it’s a bargain compared to Jaguar’s already sold-out XKSS continuation special that sells for over $1.5 million. While the Costin doesn’t have the same name recognition, it’s more powerful than Jag’s 262-horsepower roadster and arguably just as attractive.

Source: Lister Motor Company

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