With so many cameras in the world, footage of previously unseen, totally unbelievable phenomena is constantly emerging on the internet.

Unbelievable phenomena like this motorcycle crash, which occurred recently in Russia.

As the silver Lada Samara taxi slowly crosses about a dozen lanes of traffic at the intersection, the bike enters stage left, far too fast.

The impact is inevitable and bound to be extremely ugly. Surely the rider will face-plant through the Lada’s hood. Or into the asphalt. Or cartwheel under the wheels of an approaching bus. Something that will result in broken bones and leave blood everywhere.

But for reasons unknown, the gods were smiling down on the speeding biker, who had an incredibly lucky escape.

He smashes into the windshield, back first, bounces onto the roof, and somehow sticks the landing.

It looks like he lands with his right leg bent under his body, with absorbs the momentum. It probably helped that the car was still moving forwards, underneath him. Had it been stationary, he probably would have been fired off into the distance.

The biker dismounts the Lada when it comes to a stop, apparently none the worse for wear. Though it was doubtless quite a shock for everyone involved. It’s just a shame we don’t find out what sort of words were exchanged between rider and driver - I understand the Russian language contains some particularly colorful profanity.

In an age before cameras were so prolific, no-one would have believed what happened here. Now we have the luxury of being able to minutely dissect the footage and hopefully learn the lessons.

Specifically never, ever drive in Russia. Honestly, the roads look like a demolition derby out there. Between the terrible roads, epidemic levels of drink driving, and a general lack disregard for the rules of the road, it seems like simply reaching your destination in one piece is a massive challenge.      

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