Owning a car is awesome. But there is no doubt that some aspects of the ownership experience are rather irksome. Have many hours have we all lost at a filling stations, car washes, and service centers? I dread to think.

But Volvo owners will not be so irked after the launch of a new concierge service dubbed Volvo On Call.

The app-based service allows owners to have their cars serviced, cleaned, and refueled while they are busy doing something more useful. Like working. Or shopping. Or watching paint dry. Seriously, anything is better than spending three hours in a badly-lit waiting room, drinking terrible coffee, and reading year-old magazines while some kid barely old enough to drive plugs your car into a laptop, then charges you a fortune for fixing things that make no appreciable difference to the car.

I will admit my perspective on this may be a little skewed.

Anyway, Volvo’s research showed 70 percent of owners would like an on-demand refueling service, while 56 percent want their car picked up for servicing, and 49 percent would like to be able to have their car moved to another location when they need it. All of which the On Call service can handle.

So you could book your car in for service and have it picked up from your office, then cleaned and refueled before being delivered to the restaurant across town where you are having a meeting.

When a request is made on the app, it creates a location- and time-specific digital key that is sent to the authorized service provider. Once the car is returned, the car is locked and the key expires.

A pilot scheme has been launched in San Francisco that will cater to 300 owners of the new XC90 SUV and S90 sedan.

“Our approach is a simple one - we aim to make life easier by employing the latest connected technology in an easy-to-use smartphone app,” said Volvo’s head of connected services, Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz. “We are taking an open and agile approach to this, and welcome collaboration with partners with new and innovative service offers. This is just the beginning”

So you may eventually be able to get your take-out delivered to your car before you head home. Or that pint of milk you willl forget about.

Volvo has not laid out a time frame for a full-scale launch of the On Call service.

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