New Nissan GT-R FIA GT rumored to come with a V8 with around 600 hp and may be a rear-wheel drive.

The bottom isn't completely falling out of manufacturer participation in motor sports. There is still some romance left in racing, after all.

Here we have a spy peek at the new Nissan GT-R FIA GT. You can check out the source links below for all the rumor you like, speculation seems to be that this one will come with a V8 with around 600 hp.

What you can see are a new front bumper and skirt made of carbon fiber, a massive rear wing, skirts all around, Plexiglass windows, and lots of air ducting, with large intakes at the side/rear, likely for the rear brakes.

That last item makes seem credible speculation that this GT-R will be a rear-wheel drive. GTR Center, linked below, has two sets of specs they consider likely for this racing model, one for FIA GT1 and another for Le Mans.

For the dedicated amongst you, you may already have a subscription to Auto Sport magazine, from which these leaked photos come from. Or you can just fly to Japan and nab one off the magazine rack at the airport in Tokyo and fly right back. They will likely have all the details in their next issue.


Nissan GT-R FIA GT spec race car spied on track