The company will inject more than £3B ($3.7B) into research and development of electric vehicles in the next few years.

Fresh off the arrival of the exotic-looking I-Pace concept and the handsome new Discovery SUV, Jaguar Land Rover has announced plans to electrify its lineup – both literally and figuratively. By 2020, the company says that at least half of all its vehicles will come with an electrification option.

In the company’s push for progress, it will need to expand its engineering core. To accommodate the development of more low-emissions vehicles, its U.K powertrain and design center will more than double in size in the next few years, as will its workforce. Already JLR has invested more than £301M ($374M) into electrical engineering, and hired more than 20,000 people, adding to its now 40,000 strong employees.

“Design leadership, technical innovation and engineering excellence lie at the heart of this responsible business,” said Jaguar Land Rover CEO Dr. Ralf Speth. “We are shaping the future, developing our own approach to autonomy, connectivity and electrification to offer our customers more choice.”

The eye-catching Jaguar I-Pace concept, which chief designer Ian Callum said was the "most important" Jaguar since the E-Type, acts as the first step towards that more efficient future. With a 90-kilowatt-hour battery pack and an estimated range of 220 miles (500 kilometers) on a single charge, the I-Pace is aimed squarely at the Tesla Model X P90. Jaguar hopes to have its electric SUV on the road by 2018, with sedans and sports car options to follow soon after.

Source: Jaguar

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