Weighing less than 2,000 pounds and with 500 horsepower, Rezvani's "tamer" sports car is still a mean performance vehicle.

After a ton of teasing, Rezvani is finally officially opening up the 2017 Beast Alpha’s forward-sliding Sidewinder doors for a full reveal of the brand’s new, somewhat more luxurious supercar. This animal isn’t a boulevard cruiser, though. With 500 horsepower on tap from a turbocharged Honda K24 2.4-liter four-cylinder, the roadster can still leap to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour) in 3.2 seconds when equipped with the optional sequential automatic gearbox and a top speed of 175 mph (282 kph). The standard six-speed manual requires just a blink of an eye longer to get there in 3.5 seconds.

The Alpha has a strong resemblance to the regular Beast, especially at the front end. However, the new model features an A-pillar that leads to a removable hardtop roof panel that lets occupants enjoy open-air motoring or have some protection from the elements. The change makes the twin nacelles at the rear a little less prominent in the updated design.

Rezvani Beast Alpha
Rezvani Beast Alpha

Inside, occupants find a high-end mix of leather and Alcantara in the cabin. Unlike the regular Beast, there are also amenities like an airbag, power windows, air conditioning, and a connection for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The extra luxuries cause the Alpha’s weight to creep up to a still impressive 1,950 pounds (885 kilograms), versus 1,650 pounds (748 kg) for the Beast. The new model features a carbon fiber body and Lotus-derived aluminum monocoque chassis. It’s a rather compact roadster, too, at 165.2 inches (4,145 mm) long and 43.5 inches (1,105 mm) tall. For comparison, the latest Miata is 154.1 inches (3,914 mm) long and 48.6 inches (1,234 mm) tall.

Rezvani Beast Alpha
Rezvani Beast Alpha

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The 2017 Beast Alpha starts at $200,000, and Rezvani is already taking orders for them. The company works with each customer on an individual basis to tailor the car. Buyers can also spec options for adjustable power settings, improved handling, and traction control, if they want a little more performance from the bespoke roadster.

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