Things move quickly in the world of Nissan GT-R drag racing.

Just last week, Bahrain-based Ekanoo Racing set a world record in its 2,000 horsepower (1,491 kilowatts), stock-chassis GT-R, setting a quarter-mile time of 7.168 seconds at 209.05 miles per hour (336.44 kilometers per hour).

That marker, set in a modified road car, would surely last forever, right?

Well, no. In fact, it didn’t even last a single week.

Just a few days later, Chicago, Illinois outfit AMS Performance knocked nearly three hundreths of a second off the record. Its 2,500 hp (1,865 kW) stock-chassis GT-R, nicknamed Alpha G, ran the quarter in an astonishing 7.14 seconds, at 212.28 mph (341.63 km/h) on the dragstrip in Milan, Michigan.

Earlier in the day, the car had run a 7.22 second pass, the quickest run by a GT-R in the United States. For a couple of hours, at least.

AMS has form here, building the the first GT-Rs to break the nine, eight, and seven second barriers. Competition between it and Ekanoo to reach the six-second zone first will no doubt be fierce.

Amusingly - and ludicrously - when Alpha G’s driver and owner, Gidi Chambi, got back to the pits, he was not especially happy with the run, thinking it was a bit slow. His reaction when he saw the ticket bearing his record-breaking time is absolutely priceless.

To put the time in perspective, the latest, 2017 GT-R recorded a quarter-mile time of 11.6 seconds at 126 mph (203 km/h) when tested by Motor Trend.

It's worth reiterating that Alpha G is not a purpose-built, tube-frame drag car. It started life as a road car. Alright, it has been massively modified but, with little more than treaded tires, it would probably be road legal. Though there might an issue with the two gigantic turbos protruding through the front bumper. Which look like they can suck up everything that strays within a 20-foot radius. 

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