There's bad customer service, and then there's this.

We’ve all experienced bad customer service at a car dealership. But a Georgia woman’s experience with a Chevrolet dealer really takes the biscuit. When she posted a negative comment on social media about the dealer, she was told it would release nude photos of her, a lawsuit alleges.

According to the Miami Herald, Amy D. Graham of Dublin, Georgia and her husband went to Jeff Smith Chevrolet in Byron, Georgia and traded in a Buick Enclave and a Chevrolet Silverado against two new cars.

At the time the deal was signed, the dealer agreed to add leather seats to one of the cars. When Graham’s husband enquired about progress a couple of weeks later, he was told the seats would not be fitted as it had been judged the trade-in of his truck was not a good deal.

Graham posted a complaint about the experience on social media. Then, she alleges, an employee of the dealer phoned to say that the seats would be fitted if she removed the comment. Graham told the employee the call was being recorded; the employee retorted that the dealership had nude photos of her.

The employee threatened to send the photos to Graham’s husband if the comment was not removed, the ‘suit says. He also said they knew she was a teacher, which Graham took as a threat that the photos would be revealed at her school.

The 'suit, filed in Bibb County Superior Court, accuses the dealer of inflicting emotional distress, and of publicly revealing "embarrassing private facts" about Graham.  

Attorney Brad Childers of The Jackson Law Firm, which is representing Graham, told the Herald: “The pleadings speak for themselves. We hope to get the matter resolved through litigation.”

Neither the dealership or its attorney commented.

Dealership staff being unhelpful is hardly unprecedented. But, if true, this kind of behavior is, at best, deeply creepy and insidious.

Source: Miami Herald

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