Being a celebrity certainly does have its perks, and this one-off Ghost is a prime example of how some companies are handing over significant freebies in a bid to boost exposure of a certain product. Case in point, 28-year-old Conor Anthony McGregor aka “The Notorious” has received keys to a shiny new Ghost from Rolls-Royce. Actually, it’s not that shiny as the super-luxurious sedan comes with a matte black livery as per the Irishman’s request.

Other than the huge decals with the “Notorious” lettering and McGregor’s picture on the doors, there’s actually nothing wrong with the car. That being said, in this specification the Ghost has nothing to do with the elegance of a Rolls-Royce, but then again we’ve seen worse as more than a year ago someone bought an all-pink Ghost.

Rolls-Royce Ghost owned by Connor McGreggor

A stock Rolls-Royce Ghost with the standard wheelbase retails for approximately $250,000, but only very few resist the temptation of adding some expensive options to customize the car to their liking. As a matter of fact, Rolls-Royce says Ghost buyers spend on average an extra $50,000 above the base MSRP. This particular car is said to cost around $350,000, which means the interior cabin has been subjected to a lot of upgrades taking into account the exterior is basically stock, with the exception of the matte black look and the tacky body graphics.

Unfortunately, at the moment of writing there aren’t any images showing the full interior cabin, but from what we are able to see in the adjacent pics, it doesn’t look flashy at all. The one-off Ghost comes with a white leather upholstery and elegant glossy black trim, while in the back it hosts an entertainment system with dual screens affixed to the back of the front seats.


The black Ghost has turned out to be a talisman for McGregor as he is now UFC’s first two-class champion after KO’ing Eddie Alvarez last Saturday at the Madison Square Garden.

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