Fans of BMW will no doubt be excited to see this official sketch of the BMW Alpina B7. Current B7 performance is rated at 500hp, and the next one looks to be even better.

Alright BMW fans, we have a nice story for you.  Alpina has just released a sketch of the new BMW Alpina B7, based on the 2009 BMW 7-Series. Although no performance details have been revealed, performance will likely match or improve on current B7 figures.

The latest model gets 500 horsepower out of BMW's flagship with its own Valvetronic system and a radial supercharger.  Alpina's B7 claims a 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds, and comes with special suspension and stabilization.  Also, weight distribution is evenly balanced.

Physically, the representative sketch of the new B7 looks very similar to the last one.  Still there is the trademark Alpina spoiler, and wheels that look identical to the current 21" set.  The new aerokit appears to be a bit more dramatic, but the rear spoiler is equally as unobtrusive.

For the exact figures we will have to wait a bit longer.  With a bit of luck, Alpina will either release the car in February's Chicago Auto Show (the last B7 was also released there), or in Geneva, where they also have some history.