It may look like a wreck, but there may be a marketable idea in this runaway trailer incident.

Everything appears perfectly normal here, as the camera vehicle cruises down a freeway somewhere in Eastern Europe. Then expletives suddenly fill the air.

What could have gone wrong? A tire blow out, perhaps? Maybe it ran out of fuel, or the electrics cut out.

The vigorous swearing continues as the vehicle slows down and pulls towards the shoulder. The driver curses some more. Something has clearly gone terribly wrong. But what?

No, you're wrong. In fact, what has happened is that the trailer, complete with rally-spec Subaru WRX, has detached from the tow hitch and is steadily overtaking the camera vehicle.

That is not supposed to happen.

Fortunately, there are no other vehicles in the way as the trailer drifts towards the shoulder. It digs into the dirt and bumps into the barrier, coming to a - relatively - safe halt.

According to the uploader, only minimal damage was done and they were on their way within half an hour. No explanation is offered, but hopefully lessons were learned. This could have been so much worse, after all.

But there could be a marketable idea, here. You see, towing is so much hassle and the process could surely be streamlined. Rather than having a vehicle pulling a trailer, why not put the vehicle on the trailer to drive it directly. You would just need a set of rollers under the driven wheels that are connected to the trailer’s wheels via gears or a belt. That way, the tow vehicle/trailer rig takes up no more road space than the trailer would by itself.

Now, you may have spotted a potential flaw here, and yes, with a vehicle on the trailer there’s no room for the stuff that you were going to put on it in the first place. That is, I admit a problem, but there’s always a solution. I’m not sure what the solution would be, but there must be one.

I’m convinced I’m onto something here. Right?