Ford and Fiat Chrysler are making much of their success in the goofiest consumer satisfaction survey there is.

We’re constantly being told the auto industry is doomed because Millennials are more interested in their phones than cars. And would rather use ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft than go to the expense of actually owning a car.

But that might not be the case after all. According to Strategic Vision’s Consumer Love Index (it really is called that), Millennials love cars as much as other demographic group.

The survey grades 120 different aspects of the car ownership experience, including everything from door handle design to performance. The overall score determines how much an owner "loves" their car. As if such a thing can quantified. It's really just another consumer satisfaction survey with an eye-catchingly goofy name.


Strategic Vision president Alexander Edwards said: “Although there are financial barriers hindering many younger people from buying a new vehicle, when they are able to get into one, they couldn’t be happier.

“Vehicles today are not just satisfying their needs to go places and stay connected with others. They are providing means for younger people to become ideal versions of themselves as they come to rely upon, have freedom in, and ultimately love all the things that their new vehicle does for them. There is no easier way to become Batman than to be behind the wheel of your own, personal Batmobile.”

Some automakers are bragging about netting a number of segment winners in the survey. Ford, for instance, noted that three of its cars headed their class. Fiat Chrysler, meanwhile, stood at the top of four segments. “As segment leaders, they [the winners] are creating the strongest emotional experiences and giving owners the individuality and pride of top-performing new vehicles,” it said in a press release.

And yet both were soundly beaten by Subaru, which took top honors in five segments. A fact the Japanese brand does not seem to have bothered acknowledging.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Tesla Model S achieved the highest score of any car. The Chevrolet Corvette came in second, 70 points behind.

Mini was named the Best Mass-Market Brand, and Porsche as Best Luxury Brand. Weirdly, in light of the emissions cheating scandal, Volkswagen Group of America scored top in the Best Full-Line Corporation category.

So it seems the indifference of Millennials is not putting the future of the automobile in peril. Especially if a statistically significant chunk of them are buying 'Vettes. They must be gearheads, surely?