The truck also shows a revised tailgate that's likely part of a major upcoming refresh.

Ram’s pickup lineup is on track for a major refresh next year, and a fresh set of spy shots offers another look at the new Mega Cab body that’s joining the 1500 lineup, including the revised tailgate. The variant is already available on the brand’s heavy-duty trucks and gives occupants extra room by tacking a few more inches onto the rear of the cab.


When comparing this test mule to standard 1500, the Mega Cab's extra room becomes obvious, especially for occupants in the back. For buyers who haul around their families in addition to cargo in the bed, the boost in space should be a welcome upgrade.

The revised tailgate brings a new look to the back of the truck. The Ram 1500’s rear is currently rather flat and has an indentation that runs along the bottom. Conversely, the one on this truck has a raised section in the center.

Ram 1500 MegaCab Test Mule
Ram 1500 MegaCab Test Mule
Ram 1500 MegaCab Test Mule


Ram’s product plan puts the 1500’s thorough refresh in 2017. Expect a thoroughly upgraded interior, including the latest innovations from the Chrysler Pacifica. Powertrain upgrades would make the popular trucks more efficient, too.

A leaked dealer presentation recently provided a look at the next-gen Ram 1500, which is due around 2019. It features a muscular front end with aggressive headlights and a vertical bar through the grille. The rear has an evolution of the tailgate on the truck in these spy shots by adding a flowing indentation along the bottom of the raised panel. Bracket-shaped taillights add emphasis to the new design. Ram’s powertrain plans are include offering a mild hybrid in the new model.

As if the folks at Ram aren’t busy enough with these two projects, a major update for its Heavy Duty range is due in 2018. Spy shots already show the trucks under development with a new nose. Cummins decals allude to possible improvements for the pickups’ diesel engine, too.  

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