Lucid Motors (formerly Atieva) is showing off more of its 900-horsepower (671-kilowatt) electric sedan. While we’ve already seen the car teased healthily in weeks past, this new teaser gives us our best look at project “Atvus” yet.

Putting the car head-to-head against competitors like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series, Lucid Motors isn’t touting project Atvus' performance credentials just yet. Instead, it’s showing off the vehicle’s overall interior volume. Comparatively, it’s as spacious on the inside as both the Benz and Bimmer, but on the outside, it looks no larger than a Tesla Model S.

That impressive packaging is thanks in part to the compact capabilities of the electric drivetrain. The battery sits within the chassis underneath the cabin, which gives way to shorter front and rear overhangs. The new nose only has to support the front suspension and drive motor, while the shorter rear and taller roofline allow for ample headroom and loads of luggage space.

Lucid Motors Atvus

Just as impressive as the packaging is the way this car is covered. The unique camouflage pattern utilizes the same black, grey, and white coloration you’d find on most other prototypes, but features distinctive rectangular shapes that cover not only the body panels, but parts of the rear window as well.

But the stylish exterior doesn’t do much to hide its production lines. A uniquely haunched rear end gives it almost a fastback type appearance (similar to the BMW 3 Series GT), and a slim set of headlights make for an assertive fascia. Its side panels are also long and low to the ground.

There’s no official word on when Lucid Motors will launch project Atvus in full, but when it does, we expect it to feature an 87-kWh electric motor producing the aforementioned 900-horsepower (671-kilowatt), with an estimated 300-mile (482-kilometer) range. 

Source: Lucid Motors

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