In just three too-long days, Amazon Prime will finally unleash The Grand Tour onto the world. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May will once again be messing around in cars on TV, phone, and tablet screens, and everything will be right in the world.

Among the seemingly endless teasers, trailers, and interviews publicizing the show, something has been conspicuous by its absence. Something you would expect to see loads of, considering the presenters’ propensity for making mischief, and Amazon’s love of being a disrupter. I’m talking about physical publicity stunts.

But that has changed this morning, as a couple of apparently crashed Toyota Priuses wearing The Grand Touring branding have turned up in Berlin, Germany and London, England.


The red, second-generation Prius seems to have burst through the floor of Berlin’s Hackescher market, while the white, third-generation car has crashed into a strategically placed post box near King’s Cross station in London.


Both installations are brilliantly executed, attention-grabbing, and anarchic. Clarkson’s views on the Prius are well known, and London in particular is overrun with the things, especially since Uber set up shop there. So the sight of one that is now very definitely dead will have brightened a damp, dark Tuesday morning for thousands of commuters who have nearly been run down by one.

Incidentally, the London location is not far from the office of W. Chumps and Sons, the production company owned by Clarkson, Hammond, May, and executive producer Andy Wilman that makes The Grand Tour. And a studio filming session took place in Stuttgart yesterday, hence the choice of Germany.

Of course, the best thing about these stunts is that two Priuses died to make them possible. The one thing we haven't seen much of in all the publicity for the show is wanton, gratuitous destruction. Hopefully, this is a hint that there will be plenty of it.

Here's the latest batch of teasers.


Gallery: The Grand Tour Toyota Prius stunt

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