First-ever 7 Series M Performance model is almost $17,000 more expensive than the V8-powered Alpina B7.

BMW isn’t willing just yet to roll out full-blown M editions of the 7 Series to go up against the performance versions of the S Class, but perhaps it doesn’t have to create such models. The Alpina B7 xDrive, which starts at $137,000, has what it takes to go up against the $144,700 S63 AMG. The same thing can be said about the M760i xDrive, BMW’s very first M Performance 7 Series model. It’s bound to hit U.S. early next year from $153,800, so it will be significantly more affordable than the $226,900 S65.

If we were to compare the Alpina B7 and the M760i xDrive, the latter is actually 0.3 seconds slower in the 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) sprint than the former (3.9s versus 3.6s), even though it’s $16,800 more expensive. In addition, the V12 model has an electronically-capped top speed of 155 mph (250 kph) with an optional M Driver’s Package bumping the limiter to 189 mph (305 kph) whereas the Alpina-tuned V8 version can go all the way up to 193 mph (310 kph).

2017 BMW M760i xDrive
2017 BMW M760i xDrive

As far as power is concerned, the biturbo 4.4-liter inside the Alpina pushes out 600 hp from 5,750 rpm and 590 lb-ft from 3,000 rpm whereas the mighty 6.6-liter V12 inside the BMW M760i has an extra horsepower for a grand total of 601 hp at 5,500 rpm and the exact same torque attainable from a low 1,500 rpm.

So, both cars have just about the same power and the cheaper one is actually quicker in the sprint and has a slightly higher top speed. These facts will prompt some people to raise the question: why bother forking out the almost $17,000 premium for the V12? Much like the Mercedes-AMG S65, the M760i xDrive is all about status that comes along with the silky smooth twelve-cylinder engine. There’s also the matter of torque availability which comes in considerably sooner than on the Alpina B7. The price difference between the two is not actually very significant if we look at the $82,200 gap between the S63 and S65.

That being said, an M7 to serve as the icing on the 7 Series’ cake would be sweet…

Source: BMW

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