You may not like the car, but you have to give the French company credit for building a unique design. The new PGO Hemera is featured in a new company-produced music video set to a Radiohead tune.

Quirky and small French automaker PGO has released a music video to introduce their new car.  Set to the tune of Radiohead's "Subterranean Homesick Alien," we see the new PGO Hemera from just about every angle.

PGO was founded by two automobile hobbyists in the mid-'80s who decided to make replicas.  Their first original car was the Speedster II, a two-seater introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2000.  After getting a substantial investment from Middle-Eastern company Al Sayer International, PGO updated the Speedster II with the 2005 release of the PGO Cévennes.

Their latest invention, the rear-wheel-drive Hemera, comes with a 138 horseposer 2.0-litre four-banger that brings the unusual little creature to 100 kph in just under seven seconds.  The mid-mounted, 16V twin-overhead cam engine comes from the Peugeot 206, and is paired to a manual five-speed transmission.  A four-speed automatic is also available at an additional price.  Top speed is rated at 200 kph.

Surprisingly, the new car only bares a passing resemblance to the PGO Automobiles P22 concept from this year's Frankfurt show.  Similarities between the two can mainly be seen in the contours at the front of the car, and the composite body.  Just as well, a tube-frame helps to keep weight down.  The Hemera weighs in at a scant 980 kg, with a suspension system from McPherson to keep the ride from getting too bumpy.  Rolling around on 17" alloy wheels, the driver can get a combined 8.2 kilometers per litre (19.3 mpg).

Leather adornds the car's seats, door paneling, dashboard, steering wheel, and the control levers.  The gear knob, pedals, and door thresholds are aluminum.  There are enough lights and buttons inside to make it look like a combination of a pinball machine and a spaceship from a 1960's sci-fi film.  PGO has included seven different analogue gauges for the driver to monitor, and an analogue clock to match.  A heated windscreen is also standard.

Options include a choice of 10 different leather colors, or two-tone leather, metallic paint, different roof color, and three different alloy wheel sets.  You can also get special "club" exhaust, an aero kit, or parking assist.

If there's one thing PGO knows how to do, designing unique cars is it.  The new PGO Hemera has a list price of €33,333, and will be available beginning next year.

New PGO Hemera detailed in quirky video