Mansory-modified Bugatti Veyron spotted in a UAE dealership causes controversy on the web; little information about the car exists.

Just in case you have a few million dollars you haven't spent on a Christmas present for yourself yet, we thought we'd let you know that this Bugatti Veyron, modified by Mansory, is sitting on the showroom floor at Prestige Cars in the United Arab Emirates. There's plenty of online disagreement as to whether this car is a Sang Noir that's been further modified by Mansory, or a Veyron that's been redone to resemble another tuned Bugatti. The only common thread we've heard is that Mansory was involved in the conversion, and that it goes by the name Vincero Limited.

The Mansory Vincero bears some similarities to the Sang Noir special-edition Veyron, and we're not sure how many Vinceros are out there. There are reports of as many as three. Any Veyron is an uncommon machine, of course, but the Mansory Vincero is among the rarest of the rare.

Blackout trim and smoked chrome dominate the high-gloss finish. The front fenders and door panels are chromed, and the hood and engine cover are carbon-fiber. The carbon-fiber elements spark the comparison to the Sang Noir editions. The interior gets black and white upholstery, a common Mansory theme, and features woven seatbacks and cushions in addition to the leather, carbon fiber and suede.