Cargraphic has a new set of racing wheels on the market. The three piece system is made up of a five-spoke center, refined steel inner rim, and polished steel outer rim. They're lightweight, and highly protective.

Cargraphic has come out with a new race-inspired GTR wheel for better performance on sports cars and weekend racers. The three-piece light weight wheels comprise of a rotational forged star, with more space for larger ceramic brakes.

Company co-founder Thomas Schnarr says that the star "and the lightened pockets keep the weight low. And the concave curve in the inner rim makes sure that the brake clearance is not a problem even with the biggest ceramic brake system."

The wheels comprise of five large double-spokes, a reinforced steel inner rim, and a polished stainless steel outer rim. The GTR wheels come standard with a silver wheel center, but the company says they can deliver the product in any color.

Schnarr's brother and partner, Michael, indicated that the wheel was designed not only to contain the components, but also to protect the rim itself. In a statement, he says, "During a race, there are always sparks from the brake system which could harm an alloy outer rim."

All Cargraphic GTR wheels are made in Germany. They come in sizes ranging from 19" on up to 22".

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