The electric automaker's growth means owners are facing significant delays for servicing and repairs.

Tesla is growing extremely quickly. It expects to deliver 50,000 cars in the second half of this year and has plans to hit annual production of 500,000 units when the Model 3 is fully online in 2018.

That growth is causing problems for owners, though, as they face increasing delays when their car needs servicing or repairs, reports Automotive News.

Tesla currently has 61 service centers in 24 states. Another 10 are “coming soon” according to the Tesla website, but their location has not been specified. In its third-quarter earnings statement released last month, Tesla reported opening 17 new centers during August, September, and October.

Automotive News spoke to Model X owner Ethan Shapiro, who was forced to wait for a week to get a problematic door latch fixed. He then faced another 10-day wait to have a window that would not shut properly sorted out.

Shapiro said: “With my early Model S, they did a good job and fixed every issue immediately. Now that the company has grown, service has become a problem.”

Another owner, Chris Terry, was told he would have to wait five weeks to have the windshield on his Model S repaired. Tesla recommended another repairer, but the job was botched. A shortage of parts means he still has a broken windshield.

Shapiro said he it wasn’t clear if Tesla appreciated the problems. “ I don’t think it’s on their radar screens. They aren’t communicating anything to customers,” he said.

Automotive investment advisor Michael Dunne has also had to contend with service delays of more than three weeks. But he takes a phlegmatic view: “I’m not alone when I say many Tesla owners go into ownership eyes wide open, knowing they are part of this experience of the first breakthrough electric vehicles.”

However, he added: “If I were a Mercedes owner, I might have stricter standards.”

Tesla has not commented on the situation.

Source: Automotive News

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