Cadillac was spotted putting the finishing touches on its Super Cruise system confirmed for a launch sometime in 2017.

With the CT6 being Cadillac’s flagship model, it doesn’t come as a surprise it was selected to test the upcoming Super Cruise system since it will be the brand’s first production model to receive the technology next year, following a one-year delay. Much like Tesla’s Autopilot, the Super Cruise currently being developed by General Motors will be a semi-autonomous system, but while the Model S has cameras and radars, the CT6 will use LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) sensors to map out the surroundings to grant hands-free driving in certain circumstances.

As you would imagine, production cars won’t have that bulky hardware (with the Batman logo) on the roof as that’s just testing rig used by prototypes to optimize the technology and make it feasible for a consumer product. Also noticeable on this test vehicle is a sensor or a camera mounted on the right-side mirror, which for some reason was partially camouflaged.

Cadillac CT6 with Super Cruise technology spy photo

When it will arrive, Super Cruise is going to feature sensors capable of tracking the driver’s eye movement and will automatically slow down the car if the onboard sensors won’t detect any driver feedback. In addition, Mark Reuss, GM’s executive vice-president, revealed some time ago the OnStar service will be engaged as well in case of an emergency.

Super Cruise will be smart enough to control speed and help the car follow lanes and apply braking when necessary. There’s going to be a light mounted on the steering wheel to inform the driver about when it will be possible to turn the semi-autonomous system on and also when the driver will have to regain control of the car.

Following Super Cruise’s debut in 2017 on the CT6, the semi-autonomous tech should trickle down to lesser models in the years to come. It will also find its way inside the S-Class-rivaling CT8, but only if the fullsize sedan is still on the agenda since there was a report earlier this year about Cadillac’s decision to scrap the model originally programmed for a 2019/2020 release.

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