This Renault 4 was shot with a rifle and blasted with a bazooka – who wants it?

On episode two of James May’s Car of the People, the former Top Gear host took two of the most iconic French vehicles – the Citroen 2CV and Renault 4 - and absolutely obliterated them. But he didn’t just lazily drop them over a cliff or into a lake, it was a well-thought-out assault that featured rifles, machine guns, and even a bazooka in an attempt to prove that neither were up to the task of full on war. The video below should give you a better idea of exactly what happened.

Expectedly, the cars did not survive study. Even still, the Renault 4 somehow wound up in the private ownership of someone in the U.K., and now that person is listing it for sale on eBay – bullet holes and all. With eight days left on the auction, bidding sits as just £310 ($387) per this writing.

As you might expect, the car isn’t in running, driving, or even rolling condition. Probably because it was shot with a bazooka. Still, it’s recognizable as a Renault 4 (the rear markings should have given that away), and aside from the, uh, damage, it wears an aftermarket army green exterior top to bottom with the French flag emblazoned on the door panels and the aforementioned “R4” designation painted on the rear. What’s left of the interior is stock.

Far from a fixer-upper, this Renault 4 is still an interesting piece of Top Gear memorabilia nonetheless. It would look right at home in a TV museum, a well-kept garage, or an enemy’s front lawn. Given its credentials, bidding is likely to exceed well what it is at the moment. So if you’re a fan of all things Top Gear, now is your chance to own this unique piece of the show.

Source: eBay


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