The woman who was pushed by Valentino Rossi in the Valencia paddock says she will press charges against the Italian rider for having assaulted her deliberately.

On Saturday, Rossi, who finished fourth in the final MotoGP race of the season at the Spanish track, was involved in an incident that could cause him more problems than he initially anticipated.

The fan pushed by Rossi after she got in the way of the scooter the Italian was riding says she will report the rider to the authorities after watching the video that went viral after the incident.

In it, Rossi and one of his assistants can be seen breaking through the crowd around them and finding Ana Cabanillas, the fan from Puerto de Santa Maria, who did not see him coming while she was taking a picture using a selfie stick.

Asked about the incident, Rossi apologised while mentioning how difficult it is for him to move around the paddock, with the size of the crowd often making his life harder.

"I apologise to the lady, but as I've said before, it's getting impossible to live in the paddock," said Rossi. "And especially at tracks like Cheste [Valencia].

"Here there are so many people around me, and a lot of them chase me to take photos while others try to steal my hat. In those circumstances they have to understand that things like this happen."

Cabanillas, meanwhile, said she was not considering taking legal action against Rossi at first, but had changed her mind after watching the video.

"If it had not been intentional I would have accepted the apology, but after watching the video I'm going to press charges because it was not only a kick, but he also hit me with his elbow and he did it on purpose. And you can't tolerate that," Cabanillas told COPE radio.


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