Fernando Alonso says Sebastian Vettel needs to realise that "the track belongs to everybody" after their battle in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The duo were fighting for seventh place when the Ferrari driver dived on the inside at Turn 11, forcing Alonso off the track.

The McLaren driver had to go off track to avoid contact and ended up losing the position.

Alonso said next time he is likely to drive into Vettel if the German does not give him room.

"There was an asphalt run-off and I used it and nothing happened," said Alonso. "But if there's a wall there, I either drive into the wall or into him, which is what I will probably do next time.

"I'll crash into him and he will lose more points than me."

He added: "It's okay. You just use the asphalt run-off and that's it. But one day we'll have to drive into him so he realises that the track belongs to everybody."

Alonso went on to finish in 10th position after a costly spin following one of the restarts relegated him to the bottom of the field.

Given the conditions at play, the Spaniard admitted he expected more.

"I think we should aim for something better," he said. "We started 10th, we finished 10th with some retirements in front of us so we didn't take some opportunities here and there, but the conditions were extremely difficult.

"I don't think we were too strong today, especially in the first part of the race. It looked like the group in front was getting away from me and [Valtteri] Bottas was putting pressure on me.

"I think we didn't have enough pace and we need to improve more."

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