Photos of a cool Ferrari 612 Scaglietti with a widebody kit by Germany's Imola Racing.

It takes a special kind of confidence to modify a new Ferrari. After all, who wants to mess with what many people regard as perfection. However, Imola Racing, a member of the DIMEX Group of Wiesbaden, Germany, specializes in doing exactly that. We've got some photos (but unfortunately, not many details) of the latest tuned Ferrari to roll out of Imola Racing's garages in Germany. This widebody 612 Scaglietti sports a full body kit, monster wheels and a unique paint job.

The body kit includes a new front spoiler and rear diffuser, as well as widened fenders and a tiny rear spoiler. The two-tone paint uses a contrasting color in the body scallops and is reminiscent of a classic Corvette. The lighter gray is also used on the roof panel. Blackout wheels with ultra-low profile tires complete the tuned look. The Imola Racing 612 Scaglietti also includes an upgraded interior, though we don't know if the powertrain or suspension have been modified at all. Imola's mechanical upgrades have generally been exhaust- and suspension-based, so it's a good guess that this 612 Scaglietti has benefitted from some of the shop's expertise in that regard.

Ferrari 612 widebody by Imola Racing