For a long time, Volkswagen has enjoyed cult-like fervor for anything Beetle related. Hopefully, they will not disappoint their fans with a new, less womanly version of the iconic car.

New details on the next-generation Volkswagen Beetle have leaked out. Car Magazine is reporting that the 2011 VW Beetle was going to be split up into two models. But now the German manufacturer has decided on a new path.

Originally, there would be two Beetles; a tiny car barely large enough for a family, based on the 2007 VW up! concept, and a bigger version based on the Golf. Now, the automotive group will make the production up! a front-engined car, which means the new Beetle should premiere sometime in early 2010 as a separate car altogether.

And no more womanly curves on the next Beetle, either. Plans call for a more aggressive and manly look, which could be disastrous if it pushes the current customer base away from the car and does not draw attention from newcomers.

Instead, the car is speculated to look a bit more like the VW Ragster concept from the Detroit show in 2005. This means we could be looking at a flat-roofed four-seater, with a hatchback and steep angles. And there may be more versions down the line, as VW is considering spinning off the Beetle into a new brand. Expect a wide range of engine choices, and better drivability with the new Beetle.

Car Magazine also mentions a Scirocco-based four seater coupe, and a new Karmann Ghia! The Touran may also spawn a new VW bus or twin-cab pick-up.

However, don't expect anything drastic until the economy gets back into shape.

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