Covini first introduced their six-wheeled supercar almost five years ago. Now the company has unveiled a convertible version that has a 434 hp engine.

Some of you may remember the Covini C6W from a few years back. After all, a six-wheeled supercar is hard to forget. The Italian company has brought back the odd looking machine, and they've made some serious improvements to it.

Now a convertible, the six-wheeled machine also benefits from more power and a new gearbox. Like its predecesor, which debuted in March, 2004, at Geneva, the car still has four tires up front and two in back.

Founded by Ferruccio Covini, the company is best known for other innovative projects, like the C36 Turbotronic. That car broke a top speed of over 300 kph (188 mph) in 1988. Covini himself is a car afficionado who used to build his own prototypes as a hobby. He turned his love into an entrepreneurial venture by creating Covini Engineering in the late '70s.

Other cars have included the T44 Soleado sports car with 4WD, and the B24 Sirio sports saloon two-seater. The company was also an important researcher in the development of safety features in the '90s.

The common thread amongst the cars is their VM Motori diesel engines, and the Covini C6W has a killer 4.2-litre engine 434 hp engine. Covini is only producing editions of the car on request, but the company would like to make a production run of six units per year.

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