The Veyron replacement has embarked on a world tour and its latest destination was the Land of the Rising Sun.

Following its world premiere back in March at the Geneva Motor Show, the mighty Chiron then traveled to a multitude of other European countries before heading to North America and Singapore. Now, time has come for the 1,500-hp beast to receive its Japanese premiere at a special event organized in the country’s capital, Tokyo. Bugatti points out Japan is the company’s most important Asian market, with more than 10 Veyrons out of a total of 450 cars bought by Japanese customers.

The Chiron is already turning out to be a big hit for Bugatti in Japan as more than 10 people have lined up to get the 261-mph supercar (285 mph without limiter), thus exceeding already the number of Veyrons delivered locally. As a matter of fact, Bugatti mentions approximately six percent of the total orders registered so far come from Japan. Towards the end of August, Bugatti had more than 200 orders for the Chiron, which means that at least a dozen of cars are going to be built in JDM specification.

Bugatti Chiron debuts in China

This predominately blue Chiron with two-tone wheels backed by blue brake calipers and with a black and blue interior will be showcased at the company’s showroom in Tokyo until next Wednesday. After that, it will probably travel to other Asian countries in a bid to rack up more orders for Molsheim’s latest creation of which a total of 500 units are going to be assembled. All of them will be coupes since Bugatti through the voice of its marketing boss has made it clear there aren’t any plans to chop off its roof for a Grand Sport version.

Since we’re on the subject of additional models, a hybrid version is being considered with more power and that should be a viable candidate for a beefier Chiron Super Sport. However, even if it’s actually in the works, the electrified supercar won’t arrive very soon since the standard model is performing really great in terms of sales. As you would imagine, Bugatti is more than pleased with the early success of the Chiron taking into account the company needed a decade (and a ridiculous amount of special editions) to sell all 450 Veyrons.

Source: Bugatti


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