You can’t actually buy a LaFerrari Aperta. Ferrari will only build 209 examples, and all of them are accounted for. In fact, the entire run had probably sold out even before the car was officially announced back in July.

Chances are that Ferrari’s lead Formula 1 driver, Sebastian Vettel, was one of the first people to write out  a deposit check for an Aperta. He can certainly afford the rumored $3 million-plus asking price - before options and taxes - as he reportedly earns $40 million a year, more than any other F1 driver.

You never know, it might even be his car in this promo film, which sees Vettel cruising the streets of Barcelona before ripping around the local countryside and the Circuit de Catalunya. On a wave of glorious, V12 noise.

The film crew was actually spotted in Barcelona, though Vettel didn't appear to be behind the wheel.

2016 marks Ferrari’s 70th anniversary and the film draws a link between the LaFerrari Aperta and some of the Prancing Horse’s great race cars. Like the 625 F1 car and Testa Rossa sports racer of the 1950s. And the 250 GTO and 330 P4 of the 1960s. And 312T of 1970s. And the 125 S of 1947, the very first car to wear the Ferrari badge.

The Aperta uses exactly the same powertrain as its hardtop sibling. A searing naturally aspirated, 6.3-liter V12 engine doling out 800 horsepower (597 kilowatts) sits in the middle of the carbon fiber chassis, and is assisted by a 163 hp (121 kW) electric motor. That’s a total system output of 963 hp (708 kW) and 664 pound-feet (800 Newton meters) of torque.

Chassis reinforcements account for a small weight gain over the coupe, but the Aperta is still mighty fast. 0 to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) takes less than three seconds, while top speed is somewhere beyond 217 mph (330 km/h).

Deliveries are expected to start next summer. 

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