In a period of only days the 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS has been spied twice. This time most angles were covered in the shots, including an undisguised roofline.

Just a few days ago spy pictures of the 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS appeared. Not at the best angles admittedly, so today is payback. These photographs show almost every angle of the car, even under heavy camo. The roof is completely bare for all to see and so are the squashed rectangular tailpipes.

Some reports have suggested the four-door coupe CLS will be based on an S-Class platform but it will actually be based on the E-Class. In keeping with its earth eco responsibilities, Mercedes will for the first time, offer a BlueHybrid version of its sporting 2+2 seater using the same engine as the S400 BlueHybrid. Additionally a few engines found in the E-Class should make their way into the CLS engine bay too, meaning petrol and diesel as well as a 400kW / 536hp-plus AMG.

The CLS practically invented its segment when it came into the market in 2004. It gave people with families of about three or four a spacious car with four doors plus the driving characteristics of a two-door sports coupe.


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