In response to direct customer feedback citing the prospect of rising gas prices as a top concern, Chrysler today announced its own economic stimulus package: an exclusive gas price protection policy

Gas prices are the talk of the town across the USA, and even though US fuel prices are no where near European pump prices it is quickly becoming a pressing issue for many Americans. This month Chrysler will offer their customers who buy a new and unused Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep (except all SRT models, Dodge Viper, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Ram Chassis Cab, Chrysler Crossfire, Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Sprinter) the option to take the Let's Refuel America credit cards which will charge just USD 2.99 per gallon for the next three years. The price is applicable to diesel, E85 and up to 87 octane regular fuel. Mid-grade unleaded (88-89 octane) will cost USD 3.14 while premium (90-94 octane) fuel will cost USD 3.29 per gallon.

“Today we are proud to introduce an unprecedented program to help put customers’ minds at ease and do something to help working people who are worried about the volatility of fuel prices and vehicle cost of ownership,” said Jim Press, Vice-Chairman and President of Chrysler.

Yesterdays regular gasoline prices were averaging at USD 3.61 per gallon (up from an early 2007 USD 2.20) while diesel fetches USD 4.14 per gallon (up from an early 2007 USD 2.50) at the pump. This may just become a very costly program for the new Cerberus led Chrysler if prices continue to rise the way they have done over the last year.

Chrysler Fixes Gas Prices for Three Years