The Mazda Atenza Sedan 2.0 Style Edition is a new version of the Atenza (Mazda6, if you're overseas) on sale now in Japan. Tinted glass, 17-inch alloys, and integrated fog lights are just a few things you can get with this sedan.

Mazda is giving the Atenza sedan the special edition treatment for customers in Japan. The new 2.0 Style Edition of the Atenza (Mazda6 elsewhere) comes with a whole bunch of goodies meant to have you rushing for the dealerships.

The upgrades are all based on the Atenza 20C base model, which runs on a 2.0-liter DOHC engine with Activematic 5-speed automatic transmission. Features available for the 2.0 Style Edition include front fog lights built into the bumper and discharge headlights to aid the driver's visibility, and a water-repellant coating on the windshield, front windows, and door mirrors to help out in bad weather. LED indicators were embedded in the door mirrors so the car can more easily be spotted by other drivers as well.

Dark tinted glass adornes the rear doors and window, with new 17-inch alloys underneath. A leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob round out the package.

Unfortunately, the car has only a space for an audio head unit. There are four speakers added to the vehicle, in case you want to buy a sound system and listen to music. To that end, the steering wheel also does not have audio controls built into it.

You get a choice of six exterior colors with this car, including Lilac Silver Metallic and Stormy Blue Mica. For $25,000 (tax incl.) you can go purchase a Mazda Atenza sedan 2.0 Style Edition right now at any Japan-based dealership.

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